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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Update on everything

Well I seem to be coming slowly out of the Google sandbox (started site Jan 9th 2006) which I am really really really happy about. I think this has to do with good SEO tactics , our reprintable articles I have been getting out there and some good quality links back such as a Chef School with a PR 5 which I have Colin (my web host to thank for that one. I am now ranked for "bean coffee shop, "coffee bean" and "coffee shop" on Google but still not for coffee but given time I am sure that will change.

I have 4 articles finished and am working on a 3 page one about the "history of coffee" that will be available soon also, makes for great work to do at the cottage.

For 1 day at least I broke the top 100,000 on Alexa so you now see a little "bump" in my graph. I don't expect that so stay but it is nice to see.

I also haven't forgotten about Burt and will update his AIS web site address soon.

I know there are a few posts which I haven't responded to and I am sorry about that but I will get to those also in the next few days, the weather has been good so trying to enjoy some of it and not spend all my time siting in front of the computer or working.


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