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Monday, April 10, 2006

Heard any good jokes lately!

I have been thinking of another idea to get our name out there. A friend used to do this and ended up with over 1,000,000 hits on his site. The idea is quite simple, I think everyone out there gets jokes or cute pictures from friends and family and if they are good you forward them to your friends/family and the cycle grows and continues and eventually almost everyone has seen the same jokes and pics. Remembering the "six degrees of seperation" you can easily reach everyone on the internet via 1 email, though this is highly unlikely but good penetration is possible.

So you get a good joke and instead of just forwarding it you can use that to promote your business. For this we will call it "email_signature.gif". Just make it really simple such as your site name and the URL at the bottom. Then you create a signature in Outlook and use the code;

< href="" target="_blank">
< src="" alt="Visit My Site" border="0" height="100" width="200">< /a >

Then you forward the joke/pics on to your family and friends and ask them to forward it to the people they normally do. As things grow and it works its way around it will have your little banner at the bottom of the email. Since the image is pulled from your server it is easy to track how many times it is viewed and clicked on.

Since the joke/pics will be sent from person to person and I think in 99.9% of the time the people will know each other the person receiving the joke will not consider it spam and more like just another funny joke from their "friend".

I might give this a try one day and see how it goes and see how "far" an email can travel.


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