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Monday, May 15, 2006

Looking for new space

My lease is up in November and with the new owners of the building I think/know my rent is going to go way up, along with taxes/maintenance/insurance. Before if I needed anything fixes the guy was always around to take care of it, now there is a growing hole in front of my parking spot and all I ever see it the new maintenance guy sleeping in his truck for a couple of hours and then leaving. The new owners don't seem to care about much except their rent cheque.

So I have started looking for new space. Right now I have 1700 sq feet which is more than enough. I don't even use half of it for my business, my parents have stuff stored here along with my sister and a couple of friends. Roasting coffee does not require too much space.

I really like the area where my sister lives (near Peter McGrath from oscMall). I found a spot that is suitable near there in a town called Stirling but it is much bigger than what I need at 2500 sq feet but even that would be a bit cheaper than what my rent is in Toronto. If I take that spot I could set up a little coffee store and sell beans out of it also and maybe make a few extra $$. It is in an industrial area with no residential around which is what I need because roasting coffee produces some smoke which might bother someone living nearby. I could do it in a residential area but that would mean adding an after burner which is not economically viable for my size roaster because of gas consumption per batch.
I could just live in a town such as Stirling and have the factory in a more major center such as Belleville or Trenton and do the 20-30 km comute but there is a lot to be said for being able to park the car and biking to work and having ALL the bike trails within 100 metres of the factory.
So the question is besides opening a little store to sell beans from, what do I do with ALL the extra space I would have????


Anonymous Chance said...

You could lease warehouse space to US companies.

Our company keeps three pallets of matterial in Toronto as part of our canadian supply chain, and they ship it where we tell them when we get an order up there. Something to think about since you would use the customers shipping accounts and such and it would cost you very little in terms of money and admin overhead to maintain.

2:37 p.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

Hey Chance,

Right now I have more space than I need so a friends business is here also and everyone stores all their crap here. With a new space I would like to get rid of all the crap at least but maybe rent out part to someone else. My friend who has part now is not sure what his plans are so I can't count on that. If I could find a fire equipment company to share space with that would be perfect, so when my roaster goes up in flames I could just place a quick order with you can then grab it off the skid and put the fire out. ;)

Best option though would be to expand the business where I need more than 2500 sq feet. That would be ideal. The best part of moving would be to have the chance to build the place to fit a more efficient business plan and have better work flow. Right now things are all over the place and the to-do list is long.

5:49 p.m.

Blogger Cannuck1964 said...

Well if you do decide to move to the area, you will be more healthy just due to air quality :)

I hope that you find what you are looking for as many people love the Stirling area, great fishing, hiking and biking trails, personally, I perfer motorized means of transportation, and have a lot of fun on my ATV.

Cheers and good luck finding the right business residence,

Peter M.

8:14 a.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

Hi Peter,

It is really disgusting here today with the smog, I am about to shut the roaster down for the day and it isn't even 10am.

Besides Stirling being a great area my sister lives just up from there in (T)Weed. ;) Her restaurant should be open in a few weeks and hopefully we can get together for lunch/dinner one day there. As with all projects it is taking longer than expected.

9:52 a.m.

Blogger Cannuck1964 said...

Lunch sounds good, let me know when you are around and we can do this, just email me and I will send my phone number.

If you do move to Sterling, I think you might be better off in terms of expansion and costs anyways, Toronto is expensive, and if your market does not rely on being there (in TO) then might be a good idea.

Small town life is way different then the city and having been out here on my farm for so long, I hate going to any cities now unless I really have to do so.

cheers and talk soon.
Peter M.

9:38 a.m.

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