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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Keeping everyone updated on my articles

As most know I have been working on articles for my web site, not so much for content but to put on article sites for the links back, and hopefully some others will pick them up also. Now with 4 complete and 3 more just about done here is the update on their progress.

The first one to go up was the "History of Colombian Coffee" which is linked back to my Colombian Coffee product page. With only 9 links back to that page right now it is #7 on MSN for that keyword. I submitted the article to Article Hut and paid for their submission service for $5 USD to submit it to 150 other sites. There was at one time 14 links back to the Colombian Coffee page but that has now dropped to 9 although the content seems to be listed 52 times on the web the links are not or have not been picked up. If/when they are is the question.

One thing I find amazing is that even with only 9 links back to the Colombian Coffee product page it is ranked #7 on MSN. For all my other similar coffee's the next highest ranked on is lower than #70, and Colombian Coffee is the most popular search term for all those similar products. What that shows me is it only takes a little push to get them high in the listings.

Yesterday I bought a program called Instant Article Submitter ($77 USD). What I liked about it is that it also automatically registered you with the sites and then allowed you to set the category for your article, then it submits them. I started by registering with the sites and although a lot less painful than doing it manually it is still an unpleasant task. I then submitted the History Of Colombian Coffee article to about 200 sites of which about 175 went through. Some failed, others timed out, and some said invalid login. Me bad, I did not save the list to make it easier to correct the errors which is going to mean getting the same errors for the second article I submit.

What I will probably do is check the progress over the next few weeks with this one article I submitted and see if it is being displayed properly, am I getting the links back, etc. and then make any changes to the next round of articles.

I will post again in about a week and update on what has happened. Oh, if you want to read my articles they are at my other blog All About Coffee


Anonymous Yaro said...

I'll be quite keen to hear your opinion on whether it's better to do article submission using software VS. an online service you pay for based on results and effort required/money paid.

10:10 p.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

Hi Yaro,

Thanks for stopping by, it is always nice to see new people here.

What I found is that using the article submission service such as Article Hut it is cheap, you can't beat $5 per submission. But with that you have no idea where the article is going, ie the sites PR. You also have no control over the format of the links, ie text links over the URL. But the process is quick and easy, it took about 2 minutes to submit and pay.

With the software you have to sign up for all the sites which can take an hour or so, then confirm your registrations. Then you are ready to submit your articles. When submitting I found that only about half the sites accepted the article from the software and of the ones that did some rejected it later as it used text links back to my site. I haven't had the chance to go back through the orginal rejections and see why they happened. But once that is sorted out I think I will end up with a list that will accept text links and another that will accept the URL links and have two list of sites that will be accepted by the software subbmission. With doing it yourself once you get your lists in order and things are submitting properly you can also change around your added links to gain more control and benifit.

Overall if you are only planning on doing a couple of articles then go the automatic route, it is quick, easy, painless and cheap. If you plan on doing a whole bunch then spend the extra time and use the software. Although it is harder to set up initially the added control over how the article appears is worth the $$ and time.

You can also turn them into an RSS feed and submit that also.
The feed obviously needs some work but it has been very popular and is my second most poplular page this month.

I am also looking for niche market sites to submit them to.

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer, it is just dependant on the persons time, capability and budget.

Articles are important though as the first one on Colombian Coffee is the only product that ranks on page #1 on MSN and it is probably the hardest one to get to page #1 on.

Also with Google dropping product pages in favour of Froogle I think that any promotion of those pages you can do will help your site, keep in mind we are still in the sandbox and don't really have much on Google yet.

9:45 a.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

Just thought I would add that the part of the article submission software that I really liked was the automatic account creation tool. Without that you need to get a list of all the sites from the software and then register manually and then log in each time. That was in this software program but not in some of the others I looked at. For me that is a huge benifit and time saver, without that part of the program you might as well do it on your own using Google.

10:48 a.m.

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