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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some people just get under your skin

The other day some idiot posted in Harald's blog and made a rather derogatory comment obviously about Bobby. This person had 1 previous post and had contributed nothing /nada /zip /zero to osC but felt they were in a position to make such comments about a person with 36 contributions and 5000+ posts (est as his account is no longer there). This person really pissed me off so I posted a response and made my usual little jab (after rewriting what I had originally posted) but the guy got on my nerves, so I did what I would normally do .... post again. :)

From this persons 1 post he writes;

I don't suppose the development team find comments like that particularly motivating at all.

Your trash talk about a person who was a very active member of the forum really does not motivate people to 'help' others if their reward for helping is getting stupid comments from people like you.

And again;

I'm not involved in any coding projects myself - primarily because my coding sucks bigstyle

Then don't comment on others who actually 'can' code.

And once again;

on behalf of the silent masses who don't participate in the forums but think osComemrce is a fantastic stuff... big thanks to hpdl & the team. We really do appreciate your efforts.

What about the efforts of the people who post contributions and who freely offer their time to help others, all of which you have done none of.

Just want to end this by say to Alex Gener (because this is MY blog and I can say what I want here) .... shut the f#@k up, you are an idiot.

If you have ever had the pleasure of getting Bobby on messenger when you have had a problem it is where his abilities as a coder really shine. While I was still trying to type (with 1 finger) out what my problem was in little parts he had already pulled up the page from osC and recoded it and sent it to me, and of course it worked like a charm. I think Bobby codes at about 100 words a minute and types even faster. I was in awe at his abilities, truely amazing.

To Harald, the team, and ALL member of the osC forum,

Thanks for being understanding Harald, and once again sorry for hijacking your blog. I will try and be nicer in the future, and not mention that name that gets the same response as saying "MacBeth" in a theater. I appreciate everything that osC (the team) has done to help me get my store going, and I also appreciate the efforts of the people who are members of the forum who have helped me or tried to, your time is valuable and your efforts are truely appreciated. Thanks to all of you.


Blogger richandzhaoyan said...


Apologies for the delay in getting around to posting - I read your blog entry a good while ago but read it while at work so could not reply - totally forgot until now that I hadnt posted my thoughts.

Really I am in total agreement with you. It bugs me beyond belief at how many people are prepared to have a dig at Bobby without actually having thought through exactly what he has contributed to osC.

There are a few things that come to mind. Firstly his Ultimate SEO contribution, one of the best SEO aids available and the work he put into it was outstanding. Aside from all his contributions, there are a couple of threads on the osC forum that he started which I still now refer to. The main one being the Tips and Tricks guide to A Store Speed Optimization - Something that I am really going to have to work on now my site is starting to cave in under traffic and an increased product range.

Its a damned shame Bobby and the osC team couldnt see eye to eye but that is for them to sort out - what should not be at issue is how much he contributed to the project when he was a member and for d*ckheads that were not aroud when he made his contribtutions - or have not gained from them - Well, why they cannot keep out of it I just dont know.

Anyhow, your comments were well written on Harolds blog and echoed my thoughts entirely. If truth be told, had I have read the offending post before you, my comments would probably have been a lot briefer, more explicit and consequently would have mysteriously vanished!!

Congratulations on your 1,000 posts as well btw - a mighty achievement and a great contribution to the project also.


9:36 p.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

After posting that message I really thought my days/hours at osC might be coming to an end, but I said what I thought and the I was willing to accept and take the consequense for the post. I PM'd Harald and told him that I was sorry for hijacking his blog, blah.. blah.. blah. I didn't hear back from the PM but Harald did start the response with "Hi Peter" which I took as "we are cool". :) For that I am very happy with as I really enjoy osC and the forum, even without Bobby there. I do think that there is a hole there that has not been filled by anyone and probably won't be for a long time. It is Harald's project and Harald's forum and he is entitled to run it as he sees fit, if I don't like that or anyone else doesn't then we don't have to go there. But people obviously do and that is a huge credit to Harald.

Hey I am up to 1120 post now, and some of them are actually helpful to people, I hope. Most of what I have learnt about osC and PHP I owe to Emmett. I would still be so lost without him. Thanks bud :)

9:52 p.m.


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