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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Goggle update, links and content

Well if seems Google has finally done their update and my new site has a PR 3 as well as some of the product pages got a PR 3 also. Although I am still really no where to be found on Google at least I have a PR now which I guess means that they are somewhat liking my site. Obviously more work needs to be done. MSN is really liking the site (#1 or #2 for most keywords) and Yahoo is fairly good also.

Links, links and more links. I also purchased yesterday SEO Elite software. I still have to learn how most of it works but it has already been quite good. I have been playing around seeing who is linking to my customers and a few of my competitors and have found some good links to add my site to, mostly to directories that I never new existed that they were on and I was not. As I read more about the software and how to use it properly I will keep this updated. I don't think it does to much that you can't do on your own but it certainly makes it alot easier.

One thing I find amazing is how many links you get back by having a DMOZ listing, the directory is reprinted in so many other sites it creates a lot of links (some with good PR's, others not).

One thing I have noticed is that all my links go back to my main page, I am going to have to start spreading those around and get some for my product pages and also for the customers pages.

Another project for me is to redo the content on the site and get a copy of Burt's PLR Manna software, I hope he saves a copy for me. There is so much information about coffee on the internet I could easily come up with 500 pages but it has to be unique content. I am looking at this for a summer project for my long weekends at the cottage with my laptop. On a personal note I am sad that Burt is taking a break from blogging as I always enjoy reading his updates. As long as he is happy with life and work, that is the most important part.


Blogger richandzhaoyan said...

Hi Pete,

Pleased to hear you are making some progress with the search engine rankings. I found, rather strangely that my osC site first ranked very well with MSN - Top of the pops for a lot of my suppliers brand names! - however, I made one change to the site about midway through last year.

I think I mentioned it before - I found it in the tips and tricks section of the osC forums and it basically rearranged the page layout to put the content, or product info part, above the side columns. I cant say for sure that this was what caused the major difference with the search engine as I am constantly tinkering with different ideas.

Still, at the time there was a total change in my rankings. MSN dropped me like I had the plague and google started loving me - well, kind of ;)

One thing I do know is that the search engines move in very mysterious ways - I am pretty much not worrying about them this year - I am just hoping to double my product catalogue and therefore, hopefully double my search engine entries.

I will be very interested to hear how your link strategy goes - I agree totally about DMOZ. Well worth the effort of getting listed. Linking is something I havent put alot of effort into though so please let me know what effect it has on your rankings.

We will get you to the top of the tree for Coffee, one way or another - :)

BTW - am also missing Burts posts - Nice to have one regular blog that has posts relating to our interests. Hopefully he will get back to it soon.


8:23 p.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

Having a brand new site with the experience of my old site is has put me in a better position to analyze why I am ranked where I am with the SE's. It seems like the experts are right, MSN looks at the page to determine where you should be ranked. This is the page name, title, meta tags, H1 tags, page text, etc. Google looks mostly at links to your site to determine where you should be ranked. A combination of inbound, outbound, and 2 way links. Yahoo seems to be somewhere in the middle between those two.

This explains why I am doing so well on MSN but Google is not liking me at all. Got to work on the links to make things better.

11:12 p.m.


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