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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why I read the Blogs listed

Rich wrote in his blog recently "I just noticed today that this blog is mentioned under the "blogs I am reading" section of a couple of other guys blogs that I checkout so I now feel under pressure to come up with some worthy reading material..." so I thought I would mention what I like about the blogs that I read.

Burt - His blog is always a good read, and there is something there "new" all the time, if it is a new post or just checking out the comments. His blog is worth the $3951 just for what you can learn from it. Burt has a lot of ideas and is always trying to make more $$$$. I really like Burt's philosophy of generating automatic income without having to do any extra work. His blog has made me examine a lot of different areas of my business and look at ways to do it better.

Richandzhaoyan - I stumbled across Rich's blog (never seen a post by Zhaoyan). He is a member of osC but don't really come across him to much there, we must run in different circles or something. I liked his blog because it came across as just the thoughts of a guy trying to make it in life and ecommerce sharing the ups and downs. He just seemed like a nice guy trying to support his family and I found it to be down to earth and from the heart. When I first read his blog I thought he is the type of person I would like to go out for a beer with.

Chemo - The coding GOD!!! Need I say more, probably not but I will. I met Bobby in the osC forum and his help has been so valuable, he is the kind, patient and generous with his time and knowledge. Character does matter and that is why Bobby is at the top of his game. Whatever he does in life I know he will be successful.

WizardsandWar - Well it is not for the spam that I read his blog. I wished he kept it more updated but that is up to him. I find that when he does post it is very informative though sometimes over my head.


Blogger Gary B. said...

You are saying you would not like to go out for a beer with me ;) :(

I agree with you about reading blogs of my online buddies - it's good to see what others are doing behind the business identity. nice to get some sort of an insight I think.

Actually did you know that me and Rich live only around 10 miles apart, but have not yet managed to get together for a pint or two!

I didn't know you were in Toronto - I've been there a couple of times! Last time we stayed in the Royal York, did all the touristy stuff. Great town, great people!

7:40 a.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

If I ever make it to your part of the world I will buy both of you a few too many pints :) If you are ever back in Toronto I will be glad to show you all the non-touristy things. Toronto is great if you like being stuck in traffic for half the day. At the end of next year my goal is to move the business out to near where Peter M. lives.

8:40 a.m.

Blogger richandzhaoyan said...


Nice blog entry - feel even more under pressure to write something of note now that you are quoting me!! :)

If you are ever over in this part of the world it would be great to meet up, although I am not sure I could keep your hours - 4am starts are definately out of the question - maybe you could relax that a little if you were here on holiday.

With regards your comments on Garys and Chemos blogs, spot on. I love to read up on Garys exploits, simply because of his different view on how to make a living. I am not too fooled by his talks of Automatic income streams though as I get the impression he spends an awful lot of time, if not working on his income, at least thinking/planning it. Having all the agro assosciated with the shops though make me very jealous of Garys simple set up at times. There are pros and cons with all walks of life.

Chemo - what can you say. I know he is outspoken, but during his departure from the osC community I just could not believe some of the bs and negative comments that were written about him (although they were outweighed massively by the postive). I cannot belive that anyone who didnt appreciate his work/forum posts will ever make it in an online business.

I feel very privileged in that when I was trying to implement his Ultimate SEO Url contribution and encountered a few problems (way over my head), I was in contact with him via his forum/pm, only to recieve the legendary message "get with me on IM". I was kind of taken aback. I had never "got" with anyone on IM - had to install it first!! Consequently, I learnt more in 1 hour with him about my site than I could have done in a year of reading/making forum posts. The guy is not only good, he is fast.... very fast. Plus, the whole problem was related to the sts system and not his contribution, yet he was still more than willing to help find a solution to the problem.

Oh yeah, while we were on IM, I could barely keep up with his questions/suggestions, no sooner had I responded and he was either telling me what to do next or asking something else. I later found out he was actually helping four others at the same time! Genius.

I will certainly be keeping a close eye on his latest project and wish him well with it.

Anyhow, the Java Rosters blog, well probably for the same reasons as you reading mine, I like your blog as I feel it is pitched by someone on a similar level to myself. Not a professional web designer or coder and not a huge organisation that can employ others to do it for them. But someone who wants the best for their business and tries hard. Keep up the good work and I hope the business works out well for you.

Oh and Gary, we are going to have to get together sometime for that pint!,


7:01 p.m.

Blogger JavaRoasters said...

I know this great pub in Tewkesbury, we can all get together for a pint .. or five. ;)

7:56 p.m.

Blogger Gary B. said...

It would appear that W&W's blog is dead and gone to Spammer Hell :(

8:17 a.m.


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